Connection & Collaboration are key to our changing automotive landscape

Thought leaders from OEM’s, suppliers, and logistics providers gather together to discuss materials planning and logistics challenges and to share exciting new strategies facing both Mexico and the US automotive supply chain as a whole

The conference is structured around a progressive agenda tailored to cover all the current hot topics and to address the emerging challenges facing the industry, with expert insight delivered by the industries leading players.

The Automotive Leaders Summit will commence outlining the latest analytics on vehicle sales production and distribution forecasts for Mexico, and how these will impact on the global arena.

The conference caters for all attendees throughout the day, allowing them to gain further information through our ‘Knowledge Hub’ streams, including industry 4.0, new logistics technologies, aftersales and customer retention, along with greater efficiencies from plant to customer.

How you can attend and be involved with ALS is changing

After listening to feedback from across our global events, we now offer more options for delegates, based on what aspects of the event you are most interested in.

For those interested in attending only the day summit, including all the speaker presentations, panel debates, access to the ALS event app and program, drinks throughout the day and networking lunch, you can choose the 'ALS-Day' Delegate option.

If you're looking to maximise your connection and networking opportunities, then choose the 'ALS-Connect' Delegate option, which also offers access to the day summit, as above, and additionally includes an exclusive evening of networking, offering a relaxed environment to meet other attendees, with complimentary drinks and canapes, early access to the ALS event App, including the full program, delegate list, and the event's Digital Networking link - offering the opportunity to connect with attendees and arrange meetings etc ahead of the summit - truly maximising your involvement at the event.